Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Battlefield 4: Double XP Boost Is Now ON [Notification]

Just a quick post to mention that I noticed Battlefield 4 currently has a Double XP Boost going on. Briefly, for those who aren't familiar with what that is (new players, etc); the 'Double XP Boost' means that whatever XP you gain in a round, it will be matched by that same amount, adding to your total XP gained, effectively doubling it!

Double XP Boost Example in the End Of Round Details (the boosted XP is the Folly-coloured second bar)
Click to see Full Size


I wasn't aware this had started at all, and so I wanted to make a quick post to notify anyone interested... It doesn't seem to be limited to only 'Wednesdays', as this Battlefield News posting suggests recent bonuses might be ( ), because I have seen it 'on' now for the last couple of days straight... It may possibly be related to the Tournament going on ( ) garnering some interest in BF4 for the moment; but whatever the reason, it's a great excuse to 'finish ranking up' towards that weapon you were working on Unlocking, or just jumping-in to grab some extra eXPerience and relax to the sight of people sliding along the ground or flying through the air from your bullets, bouncing around like some ballet of bulletry.

Whatever your reason to play, jump back in to Battlefield 4 for a moment - and See You In The Game!

Update 1: Just after I created this post, I now see a notification in Battlelog that there is a "2XP Frenzy Event" going on (All Platforms). Although the text in Battlelog forwards you to a Premium page, it appears to be useable even for Non-Premium Players. Thanks, EA!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Origin - In Offline Mode, Online Login Is Currently Unavailable (It's Not Just You)

Update (11:11 UTC/Zulu): EA is investigating the issue(s) - way to go EA!
Update (11:34 UTC/Zulu): Everything Is Coming Up Roses here now (in Canada, eh). I hope it does soon for you too, my friends.

Just a quick post to let you know, if you are experiencing this around 10:00-11:00 hours UTC/Zulu Time on February 14th, 2015 - it's not just you. Origin (EA) seems to be having problems for everybody... I guess I won't be seeing you in the game right now /sadface

Friday, February 13, 2015

Diablo 3 Season 2 and Dream Of Mirror Online - Both Start Today! [Reminder]

Just a quick post as a reminder: Diablo 3 Season 2 and Dream Of Mirror Online both started today! 

Get in there and start levelling - no matter which game you are playing this weekend, have fun - and See You In The Games!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Battlefield: Hardline Open Beta - EA Aware Of Issues, Some Servers Working Already [Notice]

Just a quick post for those playing the Battlefield: Hardline Open Beta this weekend, finding that things were going fine until just a bit ago, and now seeming like they can't join any servers and seeing errors like the one below, noticing that the website (Battlelog) isn't working right, their Stats are gone (Rank Zero), etc...

This is just a little notice that EA is aware of the issue and is working on it. You should find that servers are already coming back up now and things are straightening out already (way to go, EA!). Open Beta has been Extended until sometime Monday night (Feb.9th). Woot!

See You In The Game!

Friday, February 06, 2015

Dream Of Mirror Online - Closed Beta Key Code Giveaway

You asked for it, you got it - thanks to Suba Games and Wicked Interactive - DOMO is back!

Here at The Game Tips And More Blog, we are giving away 1,000 Closed Beta Key Codes, to help celebrate the return of Dream Of Mirror Online.

For this special occasion, we are not just going to give you ONE key, we are going to give you FOUR key codes, so that you can share them with your closest friends - and bring them with you into the return of this anime-themed social MMORPG when its Closed Beta begins on February 13th.

Once the Beta begins, prepare to enjoy these Features of Dream Of Mirror Online:
Just some of the many features to be found in DoMO.
(Click to see Full Size)

To get a 4-Pack of Closed Beta Keys, just send me an email at GameTipsAndMore@Gma (removing the space) and put "DOMO" somewhere in the Subject Line. Some example subject lines are:

  • "I want to play DOMO!"
  • "Please give me my keys so that I can play with my friends in DOMO once again"

Then, I'll send you your 4-Pack of Key Codes, which you and your friends can use to Register, via the Header at the top of this article (click on the image at the top of this post, where it says 'Join Now!').

That's it!

The Official Dream Of Mirror Online 'Teaser' Trailer
from Suba Games (October 2014)

Get ready to relive the magic of DOMO - or experience it for the first time - and See You In The Game!

Monday, February 02, 2015

"Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From?", The Game Tips And More Blog's Game Screenshot Identification Contest, Starts Again Today! [2015-02 - Updated, End Of Contest]

It's somewhere within the first few days of a new month - and that means 
it's somewhere-around-approximately-something-kinda-like-the time for 
The Second Installment of The Game Tips And More Blog's New Contest: 
"Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From?"
(A Game Screenshot Identification Contest)
which starts again today - February 2nd, 2015!

All you have to do to win, is contact me in any way you can (Comment on this article below, Twitter profile tweet, email me at GameTipsAndMore@Gma [removing the space]) within the next ten days, with these three items within your message:
  1. Your guess for the game the image is from, as well as just one location it is used (area/map/level name or building name, etc)
  2. Any name/handle/alias you wish to be identified by (if different from your ID that you contacted me with) if you win
  3. Information on how to contact you back (to receive Steam game gifts, etc) if you win

That's it!

**[Just a quick note to be careful not to include any information you do not wish to share 'publicly' when posting in the Comments area below or sending a Twitter profile Tweet as these messages are seen by 'everyone']

Correct answers submitted for 10 days after the Contest starting time (beginning at the time of this posting) will be chosen from randomly, where one Skillful Identifier will receive this month's contest prize - which is carried over from last month: a gifted game from the Steam online store!

Winners will also be announced in bold, large lettered-text, here on this article and will thereby be immortalized on The Intertubes in perpetuity, proving to all other comers that they were The Ultimate Game Screenshot Sleuth!

Are you ready? Here then, is the Screenshot for this month, below:
[As you can see, the image is a portion of a full screen capture; but don't worry - the image used for the contests will never be too obscure or small (for example, it will never be 'the end of a wooden log' or anything like that)]

»»  Since it has been 7 days without a correct submission yet, here is a helpful Hint!

Take a look at this image below:

Larger portion of screenshot for this month's identification contest
(Click to see Full Size)

Hint: This is how the image looks in-game, unedited (other than 'cut out' from the surrounding environs)... 

The Theme Hospital Professor has chosen to Extend this month's contest, to allow for more time to identify the game and location of where the image above is from - get out there and see if you can find out where it is - and Good Luck!

It has been 20 days since the Contest began and there have been no correct submissions! Aww....

To end The Mystery, here is the answer for this month's edition of
'Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From' (2015-02):

The Answer for this month's contest would have been, "Archage" for the game, and a listed place of usage (the item being focused on) could have been "Walls of Memoria" (with possibly the addition of "view from Gweonid Lake", but that sort of thing is never required). Click to see Full Size

Come back next month friends, when you can have another chance to be a Digital Screenshot Sleuth in the third edition of 'Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From' - and a chance to win the Prize that will be carried over to next time: a gifted game from the Steam online store!

See You In The Games!

(The Game Tips And More Blog Contest Game #2015-02)