Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Diablo 2 - Playing in Windows 10 with the 1.14 Patch and How To Use Ladder-Only Runewords in Single Player [Updated for Patch 1.14d]

I've been getting back into playing some 'good'ol D2' the past week or so, ever since I noticed that there was a recent Ladder Reset while randomly logging in to my old Battle.Net characters. Most of my accounts were closed due to not logging in enough and those characters lost... but that's just a chance to Make New! Below, I show the changes that I noticed have occurred within the recent update and how things worked for me in Windows 10 - and I also show how to use Ladder-Only Runewords in your Single Player adventures - enjoy! 

[Update: Note for Patch 1.14D at the end**]
[Update: Personal note also at † near end, certain Runewords are not working?]
[Update 2017-01: Added short Tutorial near the bottom on how to show File Name Extensions (".txt") if needed]

Changes Seen in the 1.14 Patch

For those of you interested in playing (or never stopped playing) Diablo 2, you may have noticed there was both a Ladder Reset (on May 17th) and some new Patches (up to 1.14 now). Although I did not personally have any issues with these Updates, some people have, as can be seen if you browse the Support Forum for Diablo II (under "Classic Games" at BattleNet). Here though, I want to get into the changes that I noticed with these Patches, how the game worked in Windows 10 for me personally, and how Windows seems to handle the game files themselves now.

For example, the Save Games for Diablo2 are no longer kept within the Installation Directory (the folder where the game is installed to) - as of Patch 1.14 they are now located at:

C:\Users\< YOUR USER NAME >\Saved Games\Diablo II

The above location is now where your ".D2S" and ".MAP" files are kept (your Character's save game information) - and where we'll be going to get Ladder-Only Runewords working in Single Player mode in a bit. The above location assumes that C: is your main Windows drive/partition (where Windows is installed to, which is created and used automatically, by Default) and it should also be noted that your User Name or Login Name goes where it says "< YOUR USER NAME >" [obvious to some, I know, but not everyone knows these things at first].

While I am not a developer for Blizzard, looking at the effects this will have with Windows, I assume this was done to create a maintainable save game system for people upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, as upgrading [or needing to reinstall the game itself] will now not affect your save games in any way and they can then still be found afterward by Diablo 2 (Single Player, etc) [by using this directory setup].

I have to give Kudos to Blizzard for coming back and Updating a 10+ year old game, to address Compatibility issues and 'streamline' how the game works with Windows (updating the installation files to do the things above - not to mention another fun ladder reset)!

Initially, I was running D2 directly from my 'old' location (from a previous Windows install) which was something like P:/ProgramFiles, etc and just clicking on the .EXE from there. I wanted to test out the Downloadable Installer from the BattleNet site [to do a Digital Installation, as opposed to a Disc Installation], to test how well it worked with Windows 10 and found that the Launcher didn't work at all for me... It showed "Play Diablo" and a button for "Uninstall", but clicking on these buttons did nothing...

At the time, these buttons did not work at all...

I looked around the BattleNet forii, but nothing was being said - at least about problems with the Installer doing this - so I did some Troubleshooting of my own and found that Diablo2 wasn't listed in the Programs and Features section ("Uninstall or Change a Program") of the Windows Control Panel. This was understandable, since I was running it from an old installation folder - one that Windows 10 didn't automatically 'know about', since installing 10 as a Dual-Boot with Windows 8.1 [on this system] - I hadn't gone through the Diablo2 Installation Process with Windows 10, at this point.

I assumed that the Installer was a little confused about things, as it was also using [it had created] the 'new Saved Games location' talked about above, but it didn't know where D2 was actually installed to. So, I went to the Battle.Net site and downloaded the latest version of the Installer for Diablo II - which can be obtained by logging in at the site and going to "Manage My Games (Account Management)" and then D2 can be found under "Classic Games", at the bottom of the game list.

Blizzard has it set up as a small file that you download a "launcher" which will then run and actually retrieve the rest of the game (the "installer"). After downloading the Launcher file and running it, it will do a longer download of the installation files (you tell it where to save them). Then, it will automatically run the Installer of the game itself [it did for me].

Now, after the game installer finishes, once you run the game proper, it will retrieve the latest Patch to install; but while attempting the upgrade, it may run into an issue where it will say:

Patching cannot be completed because the patch archive is corrupt.

and may state in detail later

ERROR: unable to open archive 'D2DV_IX86_1xx_114d.mpq'

At least, this was the error message for me - where it would not continue the installation of the game (this was in Windows 10). I downloaded the installer a second time (just in case there was some corruption of the files during the download) and the message came up yet again. A quick trip to the Battle.Net Support Forum and a Search yielded no results ("your search has no matches"), so I did more Troubleshooting...

During this time, another issue that I ran into was a pop-up message (in Windows 10) saying:

Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

Now, although a very helpful and protective feature in Windows 10, I had just downloaded this installer directly from the BattleNet website, so I knew [well, was 99% sure] that the installer was 'ok', so I just clicked "Run Anyway"....

For those wondering, this error message, which stated "Unknown Publisher", is a protective layer in Windows, where Microsoft personally tests installers and programs, making sure they can run and are safe to use within Windows. When they can verify this, they will "Certify" that program or app. When they cannot do it (or haven't gotten around to it yet), this message will alert you, essentially saying "Hey, we haven't tested this ourselves yet, we don't know what this thing does to your system, but it looks like it alters stuff". Again, while this is actually a helpful measure, I know that I 'just' got the installer directly from BattleNet, so I chose to Run it Anyway. Depending on how you obtained your software/program/app, you may want to double-check things and/or download it in a more direct manner [just a Suggestion!].

The reason why I mention these Messages, is because these types of errors can usually be solved by doing one thing: running the application (in this case, the Downloader/Installer) in Administrator Mode (by Right-Clicking the .EXE that starts the program and choosing "Run as administrator").

This is because the first error message above suggests a "file access" problem (it couldn't alter the file it needed to change, which is usually a Permissions issue) and the second message was a protective, warning measure (which may appear anyway, regardless of running it in Administrator Mode).

The Diablo II Downloader 'doing it's thing' ...downloading

This means that for most, when the Downloader (which has a mostly Blue menu interface, shown just above) is finished retrieving the Installation files, it will then try to run the Installer itself (which has a mostly Red menu interface, shown just below) - and if neither of these are running in Administrator Mode (to allow full access permission to files it needs to work with), it may not be able to alter/change the files it needs to - and these messages may come up and you may not be able to continue installing the game.

The Diablo II Installer interface

One way around this issue (for example, with the "unable to open archive" message), is to interrupt this automated process, after the Downloader retrieves the installation files it needs. This means, that when the Downloader is finished (the 'mostly blue menu' will turn into a 'mostly red menu'), Exit the installer for now. Then, go to where you saved the installation files and find the file "Installer.exe", Right-Click it and choose "Run as administrator" to allow it Full Permissions to the files it needs to acess [the file may be just called "Installer" if you have the Default "Hide extensions for known file types" checkbox 'checked' in the View tab of the Folder Options of Windows, something which I personally prefer off, but it's fine to leave on].

Doing the above, both the Downloading and the actual Installation processes should now complete and D2 is now installed in your system again, ready to play - woot!

A few last points I would like to note:

  • There is no longer a need to run "D2VidTest.exe" anymore, as noted by Blizzard here
In fact, looking into the installation folder for Diablo2 now (in Windows 10), it is not even present to run...

[Although I have heard of people having issues with specific hardware and needing to run it (threads of this can be seen in the Official Support Forum), I personally did not have to run it and did not have issues with installing and running the game in Windows 10 - therefore, my first Suggestion to those having problems, would be to re-download the newest version of the Installer from BattleNet - because it was with a very recent re-download of that (which has included recent Updates, etc) and running of the installer (with Administrator Permissions) that I had no issues arise... Hopefully this will be the same for you too]

  • World Drops seem to have been increased

I have made a few Ladder Characters already, and while playing through the world, I feel that the "world drops" [as opposed to "Boss Drops"] are improved... I have been seeing more Uniques, Gems, Runes and especially Set Pieces than I remember in earlier game versions. After playing through the game a few times (with newly-created characters through "Normal" mode), I already have Full Pieces of a few Low-Level Sets.
I may be wrong, but I think I remember Blizzard saying something to the effect that they were going to do this a while back, to decrease the need to "run bosses" - to increase the enjoyment of 'intended' gameplay - but also to discourage botting...

  • There are still bots (although less of them, it seems) and Spammers (advertising their websites) cluttering up screen after screen in public games.
One great command to run in the game, given by a helpful fellow player online [I wish I could remember your name, I did not get a Screenshot of it but I thank you wholeheartedly!] is the command:

/filtermsg TEXT

Using this command in the Chat of D2, when a bot comes in and spams your public game with their ads, simply pick a word and put it in the place of the TEXT in the above line. For example, in one instance, I chose the word "sale", so I typed the following command:

/filtermsg sale

Which had the result that, if ANYONE after that point said the word "sale" in their line of text, the game would simply not display that line of words to me. I chose this word at one point because I felt it was safe to assume that most 'normal/human' players running alongside me online would not say something with the word "sale" in it very often.
Repeating this process a few times, with various chosen words from the spam/ads, I now very rarely see any at all - with no need to "Squelch" anyone manually - and playing again recently has become a lot more enjoyable without all the text hiding up to half the screen!

I wish there were more advertising bots on BattleNet, sometimes I can see way too much of my screen...

Ladder-Only Runewords in Single Player

With the 1.14 Patch (which still has Subversions coming out to this day) your Saved Games will no longer be located in the folder that D2 was installed to, they will be under your Username/Login area, as stated near the top of this article. Just to reiterate it, your character information and saves are now located here:

C:\Users\< YOUR USER NAME >\Saved Games\Diablo II

The above location assumes that C: is your main Windows drive/partition (where Windows is installed to, which is created and used automatically, by Default) and your Username/Login goes where it states <YOUR USER NAME>.

I mention it one more time because this is where we will be going to create some SubFolders (directories within directories) to get Ladder-Only Runewords working with Single Player mode!

I wrote an article last year about how do it right here at the blog, but that was in regards to previous versions of Diablo2. In 1.14, to get Ladder-Only Runewords working in Single Player, the same folders need to be created in the same way, just in a different location.

Here is how the working sub-folder structure will look within the new (1.14) Diablo II directory location noted above:

... Diablo II/Data/Global/Excel/Runes.txt

The steps to create the above folder structure are:

  • in the Diablo II directory, create a New Folder called Data
    (by navigating to the Diablo II folder and clicking the New Folder at the top, in the Ribbon, or Right-Clicking in the blank area of the folder and going New>Folder)
  • in the newly-created Data folder, create a New Folder called Global
  • in the newly-created Global folder, create a New Folder called Excel
  • in the newly-created folder called Excel, place the Text file from my PasteBin here:


    (If you do not feel comfortable Downloading anything at all for this procedure, simply copy and paste the text from that website and paste it into a text file, one that you create in the Excel folder, within the Diablo II directory structure you just created via the above - be sure to name the text file Runes.txt)

    [Edit: Just in case some of you don't feel comfortable going to an 'unknown site', I will list all of the text needed to copy/paste into this new Runes text file that we will create, at the bottom of this article - so it will all be available right in one spot!]
  • lastly, add "-direct" and "-txt" to the Shortcut Properties for the 'Diablo II.exe' file shortcut that starts up the game (the icon on the desktop background). The quotation marks aren't added, only the commands, such that the Target line in the Shortcut should then look like this:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -direct -txt

    (the above line assumes that it is installed into the C: drive of the system. If you installed Diablo2 into a different drive/partition, the first letter would be whatever your drive letter is of where D2 is installed - the main part to match is the end portions, the "-direct -txt" added to the end, which allows usage of the Text file used in this process, by the game)

That's it!

What should occur is, Diablo2 will use the Runeword information from that text file directly when it runs, allowing Runewords to now function within the Single Player game mode (even ones that are "Ladder Only")!

After "cubing-up" [upgrading via the Horadric Cube] to some new Runes that I did not have, so I can specifically test the procedure above with a "Ladder-Only Runeword", I attempted to create an Insight for my Merc - and it worked - woot!

This 'Ladder-Only Runeword' "Insight" was created Offline in Single Player mode,
via the instructions and the file locations above, in June of 2016

So, with all of the above information, hopefully you too can get D2 installed and up and running in Windows 10...
Once again, Kudos go to Blizzard [from me] for updating Diablo II to version 1.14 (with Subversions still coming in) and implementing compatibility with Windows 10 upgrading (from Windows 8.1, etc).
Although I personally found it completely trouble-free, some people have had technical issues with these processes (installing D2 then LOD in Windows 10 or keeping the game files while Upgrading to Windows 10). My first Suggestion in these cases, would be to re-download the newest version of the Installer from BattleNet - because it was with a recent re-download of that (which has more recent updates pre-set ["slipstreamed"] into it and the running of it (with Administrator Permissions) that I had no issues arise (other than the messages noted above).

Hopefully you can get it going without problems dear reader - and if you play online sometime - See You In The Game!

[Edit: For those who do not want to download anything or go to any unknown/other site to create a Runes.txt file for allowing use of Ladder-Only Runewords in Single Player - here is the full text that simply needs to be copy-pasted into an empty Runes.txt file, which you can create with Notepad by opening Notepad and pasting this text into it, saving it as a file named Runes.txt - don't forget to put it into the location described above!:
Name Rune Name complete server itype1 itype2 itype3 itype4 itype5 itype6 etype1 etype2 etype3 *runes Rune1 Rune2 Rune3 Rune4 Rune5 Rune6 T1Code1 T1Param1 T1Min1 T1Max1 T1Code2 T1Param2 T1Min2 T1Max2 T1Code3 T1Param3 T1Min3 T1Max3 T1Code4 T1Param4 T1Min4 T1Max4 T1Code5 T1Param5 T1Min5 T1Max5 T1Code6 T1Param6 T1Min6 T1Max6 T1Code7 T1Param7 T1Min7 T1Max7 eol
Runeword1 Ancient's Pledge 1  shld          r08 r09 r07    res-cold  30 30 res-all  13 13 ac%  50 50 dmg-to-mana  10 10             0
Runeword6 Black 1  club hamm mace        r10 r16 r04    crush  40 40 dmg%  120 120 swing2  15 15 red-mag  2 2 att  200 200 charged 74 12 4     0
Runeword44 Fury 1  mele          r31 r25 r05    dmg%  209 209 swing2  40 40 noheal  1 1 openwounds  66 66 lifesteal  6 6 deadly  33 33 skill 147 5 5 0
Runeword54 Holy Thunder 1  scep          r05 r08 r09 r07   dmg%  60 60 dmg-ltng  20 60 dmg-max  10 10 res-ltng  60 60 res-ltng-max  5 5 skill 118 3 3 charged 53 60 7 0
Runeword55 Honor 1  mele          r11 r01 r06 r03 r12  dmg%  160 160 regen  10 10 allskills  1 1 att  200 200 deadly  25 25 str  10 10     0
Runeword65 King's Grace 1  swor scep         r11 r08 r10    dmg%  100 100 att  150 150 dmg-demon  100 100 dmg-undead  50 50 att-demon  100 100 att-undead  100 100     0
Runeword72 Leaf 1  staf          r03 r08     fireskill  3 3 ac/lvl  16 16 res-cold  33 33 skill 41 3 3 skill 36 3 3 skill 37 3 3     0
Runeword74 Lionheart 1  tors          r15 r17 r19    str  15 15 vit  20 20 dex  15 15 dmg%  20 20 hp  50 50 res-all  30 30     0
Runeword75 Lore 1  helm          r09 r12     enr  10 10 allskills  1 1 light  2 2 mana-kill  2 2             0
Runeword81 Malice 1  mele          r06 r01 r05    openwounds  100 100 dmg-ac  -100 -100 noheal  1 1 dmg%  33 33 light  -1 -1 regen  -5 -5     0
Runeword82 Melody 1  miss          r13 r18 r04    dmg%  50 50 skilltab 0 3 3 skill 9 3 3 skill 13 3 3 skill 17 3 3 dmg-undead  300 300     0
Runeword83 Memory 1  staf          r17 r16 r12 r05   mana%  20 20 red-mag  7 7 ac%  50 50 cast2  33 33 sor  3 3 skill 58 3 3 skill 42 2 2 0
Runeword88 Nadir 1  helm          r04 r03     ac%  50 50 ac  10 10 light  -3 -3 charged 264 9 13 gold%  -33 -33 str  5 5     0
Runeword116 Radiance 1  helm          r04 r12 r06    light  5 5 enr  10 10 vit  10 10 red-mag  3 3 mana  33 33 ac%  75 75     0
Runeword120 Rhyme 1  shld          r13 r05     block2  20 20 block  20 20 res-all  25 25 nofreeze  1 1 gold%  50 50 mag%  25 25     0
Runeword126 Silence 1  weap          r14 r02 r15 r24 r03 r26 manasteal  4 4 stupidity  33 33 dmg%  200 200 swing2  20 20 res-all  75 75 allskills  2 2 balance2  20 20 0
Runeword128 Smoke 1  tors          r04 r17     ac-miss  250 250 ac%  75 75 res-all  50 50 balance2  20 20 light  -1 -1 charged 72 18 6     0
Runeword133 Stealth 1  tors          r07 r05     red-mag  3 3 dex  6 6 stam  15 15 move2  25 25 cast2  25 25 balance2  25 25     0
Runeword134 Steel 1  swor axe mace        r03 r01     swing2  25 25 dmg-min  3 3 dmg-max  3 3 openwounds  50 50 dmg%  20 20         0
Runeword139 Strength 1  mele          r11 r03     str  20 20 dmg%  35 35 vit  10 10 crush  25 25             0
Runeword154 Venom 1  weap          r07 r14 r23    dmg-pois 175 312 312 ignore-ac  1 1 charged 83 27 15 charged 92 11 13 manasteal  7 7         0
Runeword160 Wealth 1  tors          r20 r18 r03    gold%  250 250 mag%  100 100                     0
Runeword162 White 1  wand          r14 r16     skilltab 7 3 3 red-mag  4 4 cast2  20 20 mana  13 13 skill 68 3 3 skill 84 2 2 skill 69 4 4 0
Runeword170 Zephyr 1  miss          r09 r05     move2  25 25 swing2  25 25 dmg%  33 33 att  66 66 gethit-skill 240 7 1 ac  25 25     0
Runeword14 Bound by Duty 1  tors         DolUmBerIst r14 r22 r30 r24   res-all  50 50 ac%  70 70 dmg-demon  200 200 dmg-undead  100 100 lifesteal  8 8 allskills  2 2 str  20 20 0
Runeword9 Bramble 1  tors         RalOhmSurEth r08 r27 r29 r05   balance2  50 50 ac  300 300 aura Thorns 15 21 heal-kill  13 13 extra-pois  25 50 res-pois  100 100 charged Spirit of Barbs 33 13 0
Runeword11 Breath of the Dying 1  weap         VexHelElEldZodEth r26 r15 r01 r02 r33 r05 swing2  60 60 dmg-undead  125 125 lifesteal  12 15 noheal  1 1 kill-skill Poison Nova 50 20 dmg%  350 400 all-stats  30 30 0
Runeword13 Call to Arms 1  weap         AmnRalMalIstOhm r11 r08 r23 r24 r27  swing2  40 40 dmg%  200 240 allskills  1 1 oskill Battle Command 2 6 oskill Battle Orders 1 6 oskill Battle Cry 1 4 regen  12 12 0
Runeword17 Crescent Moon 1  axe swor pole       ShaelUmTir r13 r22 r03    pierce-ltng  35 35 ignore-ac  1 1 dmg%  180 220 abs-mag  9 11 charged Summon Spirit Wolf 30 18 hit-skill Static Field 7 13 hit-skill Chain Lightning 10 17 0
Runeword22 Delirium 1  helm         LemIstIo r20 r24 r16    hit-skill Confuse 11 18 charged Attract 60 17 gethit-skill Terror 14 13 ac  261 261 gethit-skill Mind Blast 6 14 gethit-skill Delerium Change 1 50 allskills  2 2 0
Runeword26 Doomsayer 1  axe pole hamm       HelOhmUmLoCham r15 r27 r22 r28 r32  dmg%  280 320 aura Holy Freeze 12 12 swing2  45 45 noheal  1 1 pierce-cold  40 60 allskills  2 2 hit-skill Volcano 5 18 0
Runeword33 Enigma 1  tors         JahIthBer r31 r06 r30    ac  750 775 heal-kill  14 14 move2  45 45 str/lvl 6   allskills  2 2 mag%/lvl 8   oskill Teleport 1 1 0
Runeword137 Stone 1  tors         ShaelUmPulLum r13 r22 r21 r17   ac%  220 260 charged Clay Golem 16 16 ac-miss  300 300 charged Molten Boulder 80 16 str  16 16 vit  16 16 balance2  40 40 0
Runeword36 Eternity 1  mele         AmnBerIstSolSur r11 r30 r24 r12 r29  dmg%  260 310 indestruct  1 1 slow  33 33 charged Revive 88 8 regen  16 16 regen-mana  16 16 nofreeze  1 1 0
Runeword37 Exile's Path 1  pala         VexOhmIstDol r26 r27 r24 r14   block2  30 30 freeze  1 1 ac%  220 260 aura Defiance 13 16 skilltab 10 2 2 hit-skill Life Tap 15 5 rep-dur 25   0
Runeword39 Famine 1  axe hamm        FalOhmOrtJah r19 r27 r09 r31   dmg%  270 320 lifesteal  12 12 swing2  30 30 noheal  1 1 dmg-mag  180 200 dmg-elem 100 50 200 ethereal  1 1 0
Runeword48 Hand of Justice 1  weap         SurChamAmnLo r29 r32 r11 r28   swing2  33 33 dmg%  280 330 aura Holy Fire 16 16 levelup-skill Blaze 100 36 death-skill Meteor 100 48 ignore-ac  1 1 pierce-fire  20 20 0
Runeword51 Heart of the Oak 1  staf mace        KoVexPulThul r18 r26 r21 r10   cast2  40 40 charged Oak Sage 25 4 mana%  15 15 allskills  3 3 regen  20 20 res-all  30 40 charged Raven 60 14 0
Runeword66 Kingslayer 1  swor axe        MalUmGulFal r23 r22 r25 r19   swing2  30 30 dmg%  230 270 reduce-ac  25 25 crush  33 33 openwounds  25 25 oskill Vengeance 1 1 gold%  40 40 0
Runeword95 Passion 1  weap         DolOrtEldLem r14 r09 r02 r20   dmg%  160 210 oskill Zeal 1 1 att%  50 80 oskill Berserk 1 1 swing2  25 25 charged Heart of Wolverine 12 3 stupidity  10 10 0
Runeword45 Gloom 1  tors         FalUmPul r19 r22 r21    ac%  170 230 res-all  30 30 gethit-skill Dim Vision 15 3 balance2  10 10 dmg-to-mana  5 5 light  -3 -3 half-freeze  1 1 0
Runeword122 Sanctuary 1  shld         KoKoMal r18 r18 r23    block  20 20 block2  20 20 ac%  130 160 ac-miss  250 250 res-all  50 70 balance2  20 20 charged Slow Missiles 60 12 0
Runeword16 Chaos 1  h2h         FalOhmUm r19 r27 r22    demon-heal  15 15 dmg%  240 290 dmg-mag  216 471 oskill Whirlwind 1 1 swing2  35 35 hit-skill Frozen Orb 9 11 hit-skill Charged Bolt 11 9 0
Runeword4 The Beast 1  axe scep hamm        r30 r03 r22 r23 r17  swing2  40 40 aura Fanaticism 9 9 dmg%  240 270 str  25 40 charged Summon Grizzly 5 13 oskill Wearbear 3 3 oskill Shape Shifting 3 3 0
Runeword123 Serendipity                                               0
Runeword124 Shadow                                               0
Runeword125 Shadow of Doubt                                               0
Runeword127 Siren's Song                                               0
Runeword129 Sorrow                                               0
Runeword130 Spirit 1  swor shld        TalThulOrtAmn r07 r10 r09 r11   balance3  55 55 mana  89 112 ac-miss  250 250 vit  22 22 cast3  25 35 abs-mag  3 8 allskills  2 2 0
Runeword131 Splendor 1  shld          r05 r17     light  3 3 gold%  50 50 mag%  20 20 ac%  60 100 block2  20 20 cast2  10 10 allskills  1 1 0
Runeword132 Starlight                                               0
Runeword135 Still Water                                               0
Runeword30 Duress 1  tors         ShaelUmThul r13 r22 r10    dmg-cold 50 37 133 dmg%  10 20 ac%  150 200 balance2  20 20 openwounds  33 33 crush  15 15 stamdrain  -20 -20 0
Runeword138 Storm                                               0
Runeword140 Tempest                                               0
Runeword141 Temptation                                               0
Runeword142 Terror                                               0
Runeword90 Nightfall                                               0
Runeword91 Oath 1  swor axe mace       ShaelPulMalLum r13 r21 r23 r17   dmg%  210 340 swing1  30 30 hit-skill Bone Spirit 30 20 charged IronGolem 14 17 charged Heart of Wolverine 20 16 abs-mag  10 15 indestruct  1 1 0
Runeword92 Obedience 1  pole         HelKoThulEthFal r15 r18 r10 r05 r19  dmg%  370 370 crush  40 40 kill-skill enchant 30 21 pierce-fire  25 25 ac  200 300 balance3  40 40 res-all  20 30 0
Runeword93 Oblivion                                               0
Runeword94 Obsession                                               0
Runeword49 Harmony 1  miss         TirIthSolKo r03 r06 r12 r18   dmg%  200 275 dmg-elem  55 160 charged Revive 25 20 aura Vigor 10 10 oskill Valkyrie 2 6 regen-mana  20 20 light  2 2 0
Runeword50 Hatred                                               0
Runeword40 Flickering Flame                                               0
Runeword41 Fortitude 1  weap tors        ElSolDolLo r01 r12 r14 r28   ac%  200 200 dmg%  300 300 cast3  25 25 gethit-skill Chilling Armor 20 15 dmg-to-mana  12 12 hp/lvl  8 12 res-all  25 30 0
Runeword42 Fortune's Favor                                               0
Runeword89 Nature's Kingdom                                               0
Runeword46 Glory                                               0
Runeword38 Faith 1  miss         OhmJahLemEld r27 r31 r20 r02   dmg%  280 280 att%  300 300 dmg-fire  120 120 res-all  15 15 aura fanaticism 12 15 reanimate 1 10 10 allskills  1 2 0
Runeword43 Amity                                               0
Runeword2 Armageddon                                               0
Runeword3 Authority                                               0
Runeword5 Beauty                                               0
Runeword7 Blood   helm                                            0
Runeword8 Bone 1  tors         SolUmUm r12 r22 r22    hit-skill Bone Spear 15 10 gethit-skill Bone Armor 15 10 nec  2 2 mana  100 150             0
Runeword10 Brand 1  miss         JahLoMalGul r31 r28 r23 r25   dmg%  260 340 dmg-demon  280 330 hit-skill Bone Spear 100 18 gethit-skill Amplify Damage 35 14 knock  1 1 noheal  1 1 explosivearrow  15 15 0
Runeword12 Broken Promise                                               0
Runeword15 Chance                                               0
Runeword136 Sting                                               0
Runeword18 Darkness                                               0
Runeword19 Daylight                                               0
Runeword20 Death 1  swor axe        HelElVexOrtGul r15 r01 r26 r09 r25  dmg%  300 385 deadly/lvl 4   charged BloodGolem 15 22 att-skill Glacial Spike 25 18 death-skill Chain Lightning 100 44 crush  50 50 indestruct  1 1 0
Runeword21 Deception                                               0
Runeword23 Desire                                               0
Runeword24 Despair                                               0
Runeword32 Destiny's Daughter                                               0
Runeword25 Destruction 1  pole swor        VexLoBerJahKo r26 r28 r30 r31 r18  dmg%  350 350 dmg-mag  100 180 hit-skill Molten Boulder 5 23 death-skill Meteor 100 45 att-skill Nova 15 22 hit-skill Volcano 23 12 noheal  1 1 0
Runeword27 Dragon 1  tors shld        SurLoSol r29 r28 r12    ac  360 360 ac-miss  230 230 str/lvl 3   hit-skill Hydra 12 15 gethit-skill Venom 20 18 aura Holy Fire 14 14 all-stats  3 5 0
Runeword28 Dread                                               0
Runeword29 Dream 1  helm shld        IoJahPul r16 r31 r21    ac  150 220 gethit-skill Confuse 10 15 mana/lvl 5   res-all  5 20 balance3  20 30 aura Holy Shock 15 15 mag%  12 25 0
Runeword56 Dweomer                                               0
Runeword31 Edge 1  miss         TirTalAmn r03 r07 r11    dmg-demon  320 380 dmg-undead  280 280 swing2  35 35 noheal  1 1 aura Thorns 15 15 all-stats  5 10 cheap  15 15 0
Runeword34 Enlightenment 1  tors         PulRalSur r21 r08 r12    hit-skill Fire Ball 5 15 gethit-skill Blaze 5 15 sor  2 2 oskill Warmth 1 1             0
Runeword35 Envy                                               0
Runeword52 Heaven's Will                                               0
Runeword53 Holy Tears                                               0
Runeword57 Humility                                               0
Runeword58 Hunger                                               0
Runeword59 Ice 1  miss         AmnShaelJahLo r11 r13 r31 r28   dmg%  140 210 aura Holy Freeze 18 18 extra-cold  25 30 hit-skill Frost Nova 25 22 levelup-skill Blizzard 100 40 pierce-cold  20 20 gold%/lvl 25   0
Runeword60 Infinity 1  pole         BerMalBerIst r30 r23 r30 r24   dmg%  255 325 move3  35 35 vit/lvl 4   aura Conviction 12 12 kill-skill Chain Lightning 50 20 pierce-ltng  45 55 charged Cyclone Armor 30 21 0
Runeword61 Innocence                                               0
Runeword62 Insight 1  pole staf        RalTirTalSol r08 r03 r07 r12   dmg%  200 260 att%  180 250 mag%  23 23 oskill Critical Strike 1 6 cast2  35 35 aura Meditation 12 17 all-stats  5 5 0
Runeword63 Jealousy                                               0
Runeword64 Judgment                                               0
Runeword67 Knight's Vigil                                               0
Runeword69 Last Wish 1  swor hamm axe       JahMalJahSurJahBer r31 r23 r31 r29 r31 r30 dmg%  330 375 att-skill Charged Bolt 20 20 hit-skill Life Tap 10 18 gethit-skill Fade 6 11 crush  40 50 mag%/lvl 4   aura Might 17 17 0
Runeword70 Law                                               0
Runeword71 Lawbringer 1  swor hamm scep       AmnLemKo r11 r20 r18    dmg-cold  130 180 dmg-fire  150 210 aura Sanctuary 16 18 hit-skill Decrepify 20 15 ac-miss  200 250 rip  1 1 reduce-ac  50 50 0
Runeword73 Lightning                                               0
Runeword77 Loyalty                                               0
Runeword78 Lust                                               0
Runeword79 Madness                                               0
Runeword84 Mist                                               0
Runeword85 Morning Dew                                               0
Runeword86 Mystery                                               0
Runeword87 Myth 1  tors         HelAmnNef r15 r11 r04    hit-skill Taunt 10 1 gethit-skill Howl 3 1 bar  2 2 regen  10 10             0
Runeword95 Patience                                               0
Runeword97 Pattern   h2h          r07 r09 r03    att%  10 10 dmg%  40 80 dmg-fire  12 32 res-all  15 15 str  6 6 dex  6 6 block2  30 30 0
Runeword98 Peace 1  tors         ShaelThulAmn r13 r10 r11    hit-skill Valkyrie 2 15 gethit-skill Slow Missiles 4 5 ama  2 2 oskill Critical Strike 2 2             0
Runeword100 Penitence                                               0
Runeword101 Peril                                               0
Runeword102 Pestilence                                               0
Runeword103 Phoenix 1  weap shld        VexVexLoJah r26 r26 r28 r31   dmg%  350 400 ac-miss  350 400 hit-skill Firestorm 40 22 levelup-skill Blaze 100 40 pierce-fire  28 28 aura Redemption 10 15 abs-fire  15 21 0
Runeword104 Piety                                               0
Runeword105 Pillar of Faith                                               0
Runeword106 Plague   weap         ChamFalUm r32 r19 r22    dmg-demon  260 380 gethit-skill Lower Resist 20 12 hit-skill Poison Nova 25 15 pierce-pois  23 23 deadly/lvl 3   aura Cleansing 13 17 allskills  1 2 0
Runeword107 Praise                                               0
Runeword108 Prayer                                               0
Runeword109 Pride 1  pole         ChamSurIoLo r32 r29 r16 r28   dmg-dem/lvl 8   dmg-ltng  50 280 att%  260 300 aura Concentration 16 20 gethit-skill Fire Wall 25 17 regen  8 8 gold%/lvl 15   0
Runeword110 Principle 1  tors         RalGulEld r08 r25 r02    hit-skill Holy Bolt 100 5 pal  2 2 hp  100 150 dmg-undead  50 50             0
Runeword111 Prowess in Battle                                               0
Runeword112 Prudence 1  tors          r23 r03     ac%  140 170 red-mag  10 10 red-dmg  3 3 res-all  25 35 balance2  25 25 rep-dur 25   light  1 1 0
Runeword113 Punishment                                               0
Runeword114 Purity                                               0
Runeword115 Question                                               0
Runeword117 Rain 1  tors         OrtMalIth r09 r23 r06    hit-skill Twister 5 15 gethit-skill Cyclone Armor 5 15 dru  2 2 mana  100 150             0
Runeword118 Reason                                               0
Runeword119 Red                                               0
Runeword121 Rift 1  pole scep        HelKoLemGul r15 r18 r20 r25   dmg-mag  160 250 dmg-fire  60 180 dmg-to-mana  38 38 hit-skill Tornado 20 16 att-skill Frozen Orb 16 21 charged Iron Maiden 40 15 all-stats  5 10 0
Runeword76 The Lovers                                               0
Runeword143 Thirst                                               0
Runeword68 Thirst for Knowledge                                               0
Runeword144 Thought                                               0
Runeword145 Thunder                                               0
Runeword146 Time                                               0
Runeword147 Tradition                                               0
Runeword148 Treachery 1  tors         ShaelThulLem r13 r10 r20    hit-skill Venom 25 15 gethit-skill Fade 5 15 ass  2 2 swing2  45 45             0
Runeword149 Trust                                               0
Runeword150 Truth                                               0
Runeword151 Unbending Will                                               0
Runeword152 Valor                                               0
Runeword153 Vengeance   weap          r06 r11 r01                                0
Runeword155 Victory                                               0
Runeword156 Voice   helm          r03 r06                                 0
Runeword157 Void                                               0
Runeword158 War                                               0
Runeword159 Water                                               0
Runeword161 Whisper                                               0
Runeword47 Widowmaker 1  swor axe        EthTirLoMalRal r05 r03 r28 r23 r08  dmg-dem/lvl 15   dmg  340 400 swing3  30 40 hit-skill Venom 35 15 pierce-pois  20 25 ignore-ac  1 1 heal-kill  10 15 0
Runeword163 Wind 1  mele          r29 r01     dmg%  120 160 swing2  40 40 move2  20 20 reduce-ac  50 50 hit-skill 245 10 9 charged 240 127 13 balance2  15 15 0
Runeword164 Wings of Hope                                               0
Runeword99 Winter 1  swor mace        LemKoElEld r20 r18 r01 r02   dmg-demon  220 350 dmg-undead  280 300 dmg-cold  100 220 pierce-cold  24 24 hit-skill Ice Blast 18 20 hit-skill Frozen Orb 15 13 nofreeze  1 1 0
Runeword165 Wisdom   shld staf wand                                          0
Runeword166 Woe   weap miss                                           0
Runeword167 Wonder   wand          r04 r12 r24                                0
Runeword168 Wrath 1  miss         PulLumBerMal r21 r17 r30 r23   dmg-demon  300 300 dmg-undead  250 300 dmg-ltng  41 240 dmg-mag  85 120 hit-skill Life Tap 5 10 hit-skill decrepify 30 1 nofreeze  1 1 0
Runeword169 Youth                                               0

** Note for Patch 1.14D: 

Be sure to use this re-done/updated version of the text above (it has been changed from utilizing commas) - thanks to Mr.Anonymous in the comments for mentioning it did not work, which is mostly my fault [and partially Blizzard's because they made 'some change' in the latest Patch where it no longer works] - I had opened the Text file as a spreadsheet early on and it turned it into a Comma-Delimited version (it inserted Commas to separate sections), sorry about that; but also there is another change in 1.14D - you no longer need to go through all those extra steps to re-locate the Subfolders and Runes.txt files! That's right, Blizzard essentially un-did the 'use the Username folder in your Windows installation' and put it back to 'use the Game Installation directory'. 

So, simply follow the "Ladder-Only Runewords in Single Player" section above (creating the Data, Global and Excel folders) and put in the Runes.txt file (creating it if you need to) - all in the Game Installation Directory (wherever that may be, it does not have to be "the C: drive") - and that's it! 

[There are now .BIN files that will be created in there, in 1.14d; don't worry, it will still work]

I have since re-tested the above 'code' and re-downloaded my own Pastebin source (to check that) and tested the steps for the Game Installation location - and it now works once again for Patch 1.14D [tested July 3rd, 2016] - thanks again Commenter below, for bringing this up to re-check it - and just to mention it in summary once more, there is no need to use the Windows Installation Username location, the Subfolders and Runes.txt file only need to be created within the Game Installation folder (wherever that may be). Enjoy!

Short Tutorial: How To Show File Name Extensions (if needed)

A helpful Anonymous person mentioned an issue they had with showing the File Name Extensions (the ".txt" talked about throughout this post) - and I did not even think of this when I was writing, to mention it! So, here is a Short Tutorial on how to show the File Name Extensions (shown in Windows 10) if it is needed:

  • To show the File Name Extensions (the three letters at the end of a file name), open Windows Explorer (now called File Explorer in Windows 10) by pressing WIN+E (Windows Key and E at the same time) or click on the small File Folder icon in the Taskbar (bottom bar on the Desktop screen).
  • If the Ribbon isn't showing (a bunch of options and settings for File Explorer), click on the downward-facing triangle mark (chevron) at the right edge of the File Explorer window. This will expand the Ribbon and show many options for Windows Explorer (shown below).

  • Next, click on the word VIEW to go to the View Tab of the Ribbon and put a checkmark in the checkbox labelled "File name extensions" (shown below).

    Final steps in showing File Name Extensions (shown in Windows 10 File Explorer)
    Click to see Full Size
That's it!

Now you should see some letters at the end of most common files, like .TXT for text files, .JPG or .PNG for some image/graphic files, and so on. A helpful Anonymous commentor on this post mentioned that if the Runes.txt file is not working for you properly, you may need to do this (turn on the File Name Extensions and see if the file is "Runes.txt" or "Runes.txt.txt", in which case, simply remove/delete/erase the last ".txt" and then Windows should be able to use the file as described herein). Thanks, Anonymous helper!

† [It seems that certain Runewords were not working for some people, according to various forum posts, using Add-Ons and other methods. For example, the Runeword EDGE, listed as "Runeword 31" in the list above, found about halfway down, did not work for some. I have personally created INSIGHT and other Runewords, so this was puzzling. I investigated this potential limitation and found that it may be due to either limitations in the Add-On/Program being used, or the Runes.txt file itself containing Commas, which can occur if the file is opened in a Spreadsheet application (which may turn the file into a Comma-delimited format (using Commas to separate sections)) - be sure to utilize my methods above and the text direct from my Pastebin source (copying it into a Text file or downloading it as a Text file), or use the text I recently re-pasted (without commas) into the Code area above, copying it in to a Text file and placing it into the Data/Global/Excel subfolder. As of 2016-07-06 I personally tested the Runeword EDGE and it worked using the methods in this article. I hope it works for you as well!]


  1. Hi, i can't get the runewords to work, does it still work in 1.14d?

    1. @Anonymous said, "Hi,i can't get the...

      Hey, thanks for mentioning this - Blizzard changed a few things in Patch 1.14d - and no, it didn't work at first! I tried to put the Runes.txt file into both locations (the "windows installation username" location and "in subfolders under the game installation" location) and it STILL didn't work, so I looked into it further...

      It was a combination of my opening the Runes.txt file in a Spreadsheet application early on - it turned it into Comma-Delimited format [it put in commas everywhere to divide it up into sections], so it was partially my fault and partially Blizz's (they changed something so it wouldn't accept it in that format anymore). I have updated the above Code [copy/paste] Area with the non-comma version...

      I also found out during my testing, that there is no need to go through the steps of creating the Sub-folders - in the Windows Username area. The Sub-folders and Runes.txt file still need to be created; but they can be created in the Game Installation directory once again (back to the way it was before). I have updated the article with a Note at the bottom mentioning this Patch change.

      Thanks again for bringing this up, so that it could be 'fixed'! Hopefully it will work for you once again :)

  2. I tried this. Did everything and tried it out with the runeword "Edge" (3 socketed missle weapons TirTalAmn) and it didn't work

    1. @Anonymous said: "I tried this. Did...

      Reply: Hmmm. I heard about that [some forums, I think a Reddit one and at Diabloii.net?], so I specifically tested it about two weeks ago and the same thing - it initially didn't work for me...

      I looked into it and tried copy/pasting the Text into a new Runes.txt file and it worked! I didn't understand why, but I looked at my old Runes.txt file and it had commas all over it (where the spaces were) - so double-check that your Runes.txt file doesn't have commas everywhere (it happened to me by opening the Runes.txt file and it inserted commas).

      Just to make sure, make a new Runes.txt file and copy/paste the text in the large box above. If you copy/pasted it from about a month ago, I'm sorry it was the version with 'all the commas' - try making a new one with the text in the Code Box above (which obviously doesn't have commas everywhere now). It should work now.

      If it doesn't, another thing that it could be is that the Bow is Magical (some Blue Text with a +X Damage or something) – it may have to be a bow without any Bonuses [Bonii?] on it or Magical properties. I haven't specifically tried to get it NOT working on a Magical bow, but the bow I used to make an EDGE just now (July 21st, testing for you) was a Grey Text bow (“Razor Bow”). Video:

      I hope it works for you, too!

    2. I used the right one before. I also tested this on the runeword Insight (RalTirTalSol), and that also didn't work.

    3. @Anonymous said: "I used the right one...

      Reply: Oh, INSIGHT was the first Runeword I tried, I have it on many Single Player Mercs of my own. Hmmm....

      Other than the Bow being Magical in some way (not white or grey text - oh and the INSIGHT weapon has to be a Polearm, it can't be a Spear or other class, I got caught by that one a lot), have you tried making the Subfolders in both the Diablo2 directory AND the Userspace for your version of Windows? That is, create a second set of Global, Excel, etc subfolders and put a second Runes.txt into them - both at the D2 directory and where your User Login area is (C:/Users/YOURNAME/Saved Games/Diablo II). I only have them created in the D2 installation directory since updating to 1.14D, but perhaps it may help.

      Other than those 3-4 things, I'm sorry, I'm not sure why it's not working for you, then. You are running 1.14D? Are you able to create all those Subfolders without Permission problems (it should work fine if you are an Administrator Account on Windows)?

      It's a Big Step, but another thing you could try is to create a new User (a new Account in your Local Windows system) and install D2 under their name and create the Subfolders while logged in as the new user. This tests if there are Permission problems or Registry corruption troubles with your current User Login (if it works on the New Account, then yours might be a little frazzled).

      The steps get Bigger from there, so hopefully it will work with those steps so far... Check out those few things above, just to make sure, and see if it works for you.

      What an interesting problem, since it works for so many others - including myself. Let me know how it goes!

  3. It still doesn't work. This is what I did: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3krv7s9p063ztmm/2016-07-23%20%281%29.png?dl=0

    1. @Anonymous said... "It still doesn't....

      Dang it, that's too bad it doesn't work - everything looks ok... Let me install it into the Desktop on my end and see if it does anything that the game doesn't like [maybe it doesn't 'like that' (something is incompatible with it), just like how some games didn't work properly unless you used "c drive" and "program files", etc]. Just an idea, but I'll set things up the same way as you and do some testing and get back to you. Nice capture by the way, really showing everything well [heh].

    2. @Anonymous said... "It still doesn't...

      Sorry for taking so long, I had to rest a lot today, but I finally got around to doing these tests - installing it to the Desktop just like you - here's what I did:
      - re-download Installer from Blizzard
      - install D2 and LOD to Desktop subfolder
      - run game and try Runeword = did not work (just a test)
      - create subfolders
      - copy/paste text above into Runes.txt
      - run game and try Runeword = did not work (another lil test)
      - create another set of subfolders and Runes.txt in User Name Space
      - run game and try Runeword = did not work (just another test)
      - add DIRECT and TEXT to Shortcut for Desktop installation
      - run game and try Runeword = did not work (?? this is where you were, did everything, hmmmm)
      - copy/paste the FILE Runes.txt from my original installation folder (it was H:/Games/DiabloII...) into both User Name Space and Subfolders in Desktop Game installation folder
      - run game and try Runeword = WORKED (?? lol I even tried EDGE first)
      So, there is something that the game is really finicky about, concerning the Runes.txt file...

      I updated the Code area above with the Text file from the one Runes.txt that DOES work (for me), and I created a Dropbox account and put it up there, too - so that you can test it out on your system and see if that makes it work [I've always wanted to test (and possibly review) Dropbox, thanks for the impetus to finally go there and make an account]. Here is the Link:
      That is the exact file that works for me - I'm not sure what D2 is being so fussy about (I am not a Programmer) but try it and hopefully that will work for you, too!

      [Even though the file is coming directly from me (sort of), I still recommend you run the .TXT through VirusTotal, as I always suggest to others obtaining files, from anywhere:
      https://www.virustotal.com/ ]

      Thank you for your patience, this is great investigation into why it does not work for some people, by the way. If you want, email me your 'online handle' and I'll Credit you with assisting in these/any changes that I may have to make to the above information :)

    3. By the way, if it STILL doesn't work - I've been collecting a load of D2 ITEMS together, to eventually share here at The Blog; I can Upload the EDGE Runeword Item I created (by itself), so at least you can have that right away, if you want, heh. Just let me know, friend.

  4. I tried to make edge (item and runes properly, locations of folders, code copied and pasted from code area etc) and it did not work. Then I read the part where you have a drop box in the comments to give out your original text file, I will try that again shortly and see if it works.

  5. ***Right click the downloaded Runes.txt file and click properties and then check the box to unblock the file***

    1. Anonymous said: "***Right click the...."

      Hello, Anon - What is it you are trying to say here? Did I say that somewhere and make a mistake? If so, please let me know and I'll try to correct it :)

  6. *BigcholsMD here again, interesting side note, it deleted my smoke runeword splint armor that I was wearing -.-

  7. *BigCholsMD here, I got it working with your original Runes.txt file from drop box, but interestingly my smoke runeword armor completely disappeared, the entire armor is gone, (i had made the smoke runeword and been wearing it prior to using your runes.txt file). When I opened up the runes.txt file I noticed most rune words have the actual runes spelled out prior to their listing colomn, smoke is not one of them, I wonder if the game tried to read it and found nothing and removed the item?

    1. Hello again BigCholsMD,

      That's great that the old Runes.txt file worked but I am sorry about your armor! That's crazy... Let me see what I can dig up...

      Ok, so I looked at my Runes.txt and it does list Smoke ("Runeword 128") but it doesn't list any Runes for it? Hmmm... it looks like it doesn't list Runes for a lot of them, only some. Odd. I'm not sure why - as I state in my other/earlier post about 'Runewords in Single Player', I didn't create this Text file, I just found it on a Pastebin (and the Account on it at the time only said "Guest" or something to that effect - I wanted to find out who it was to thank them!).

      So, I was going to go into the text file and Add the Runes for Smoke next to it, but I tested creating a Smoke in the game first, since the entry was there in mine (for you, to replace the one you lost) - and it worked! I even tried putting it on and taking it off a couple of times, saving and returning to the game/character. I'm not sure why it disappeared for you... But I feel badly about it, so I Exported mine that I just made and Uploaded it to the Dropbox for The Blog, so you can at least replace yours. The Dropbox location for it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2h1p4rz2hqsdnex/Smoke%20-%20Breast%20Plate.d2i?dl=0 [You'll have to use a Character Editor of some sort to Import it to your character (such as those found here http://www.fileplanet.com/75826/0/0/0/1/section/Character_Editors , I prefer the Hero Editor that I found at ModDB some time ago, at http://www.moddb.com/games/diablo-2/downloads/hero-editor-full-v-096 but any of those should work) but if you feel uncomfortable using a third-party program on your system, Upload your Character file somewhere (the .d2s file) and I'll add the Runeword armor to it and test it ingame myself (to make sure it works) and send it back to you (via Dropbox or email attachment, however you want it shared back].

      That is an interesting conundrum with the armor... Since it is working here I am sorry I'm not sure what made it get 'removed'. Hmmm... Maybe your runes and armor were created prior to the game implementing this Runes.txt capability, so it didn't know how to handle it? Have you been using the Smoke Runeword for a long time? I am just 'shooting in a dark' mentally here, but I was thinking that since I just created one and it was useable/saveable (with the Runes.txt file present), maybe your item was created with such an early version of the game, that it was 'saved' differently and could not be 'converted' via the game using the Runes.txt file? I have items that I created quite some time ago though, hmmm. I wonder when they implemented the capability to use this text file with the game...

      Anyway, I'll shut up for now - let me know what you think of the above ideas and I'll try to help out more if needed :)

  8. Having trouble getting this to work. Tried Spirit. I'm running windows 8, so maybe that is an issue. I've used the above steps, including the July 24 post where you did the step by step copy paste into user directory and d2 install directory. Bummer. I used to run windows 10 then had some weird sign on glitches and reverted back to 8. Free upgrade period is no more. Weird that it would make a difference though

    1. Hiya Eric,

      Hmm... I don't seem to have a 4-socket Sword or Shield, so I'll have to play a bit and go find one, heh - then I'll test it out for ya... I have Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on a Dual-Boot so I can test them both and let you know if they both work or one doesn't so at least you'll know if it is just you or not :)

    2. Update for Eric, if you come back and see this [heh, does it Notify you, since you have a Username?]:

      So I finally found a 4-Socket Sword... I wasn't finding ANY Socketed Items at first so I was tilting my head saying, "Wuuuut?" - then I remembered the Theory that using an MF Character wwould reduce the amount of Socketed items dropping; so I switched to a 'regular' character and starting seeing way more Socketed drops - and it didn't take long after that to find a Claymore with 4 Sockets, woot!

      I imported the Runes for Spirit and went back into the game and created a Spirit Runeword without issue (this was in 1.14D on Windows 8.1) - I can also test it in Windows 10, but I don't think that should affect it very much... hmmm.

      I've uploaded the Spirit Runeword (on a Claymore) to The Blog's Dropbox here, just in case you can't get it working [and if you don't mind using a Hero Editing Application to import it]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/92n60rhj45ej0kx/SPIRIT%20-%20Claymore.d2i?dl=0
      Try again though [if you don't want to do the above], Double-Check everything, it should work for you! Good luck with it :)

  9. You can activate the runeword plague by clicking in the runes.txt file on the e at the end of plague, then pressing right arrow key once to move 1 step right and adding the number 1.

    I'm working on getting pattern to work. I tried adding the 1 and also the names of the runes in the correct place but it didn't work. I was trying TalOrtNef for runes 7,9,3. I'm going to take a longer look at the 'pattern' of the other words and see if I can fix it. I have not tried winter yet.

    You can edit the properties of the runewords too. I made a steel runeword with 60% attack speed and 400% damage. But if you try to change swing2 to allskills the game crashes. My lore helm with allskills 5 5 is pretty awesome though.

    If it doesn't work for you, try renaming your text file just Runes I made runes.txt which was really runes.txt.txt and it didn't work at first until I realized it was redundant.

    1. @Anonymous said, "You can activate..."...

      Thanks for the info! It sounds interesting - I haven't played around with the stats themselves yet; I wasn't sure what formulas might be involved and many of the numbers aren't self-explanatory. Maybe someday I'll have the chance to play around in there.

      Thanks also for the mention about the ".txt.txt" redundant Filename Extension - it's something I didn't even think about when writing this post, something that people showing/notshowing those Windows Filename Extensions would or would not see - great catch, I'll add a blurb in about it above. Thank you, Anonymous helper :)