Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as We Go Together into 2015

To all my dear readers in this holiday season,

I know that at this time of year, I usually like to share Deals And Sales going on and talk about (or make tutorials for) the Winter/Holiday Events going on in games right now, to help others out... But I must apologize - I have been 'down a notch' the past while and have not felt up to making some posts lately.

I am sorry my friends, but I should 'pick up' in the coming weeks and soon be able to get back to Tips, Tutorials, Screenshots And of course, More. I have seen your requests for Game Recording articles and Gameplay Video Editing Tips. I do like to listen to you all and I have already begun a few 'projects' in response to your requests - some posts that are In Progress about these topics over the previous months... but it seems I will not be able to complete them until 2015 ['next year', heh].

I would like to take a moment to say Thank You, to all of you, for all of your readership and kind words, for stopping by and letting me know that my Tips have helped you out somehow, for being interested in learning new things about games, game recording and video editing; and for filling my head with ideas that I can work on for others. I will return, don't worry. The illness I have, has periods of 'waxing' and 'waning' and sometimes I am more physically 'down' than I am 'up' - and this is one of those times, unfortunately.

However, rest assured that I will be catching up on some rest over the holidays, trying to recover and eventually getting back to video editing, making graphics and typing out Tips (And More) for you all to read, where hopefully there will be Tips or Tutorials that will have things 'new to you' in the upcoming year, that you may find helpful.

For now, I want to personally wish you the very best of this time of year, no matter what holiday you are celebrating, no matter how many games you may be playing (or wishing for)... Merry Christmas to you.

Troy from The Game Tips And More Blog

See You In The Games Next Year, Friends!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

And More, Quick Tip: HitFilm Effects 'Stop Working' or 'Not Working When Reopening Projects' in Sony Vegas 13

Just a Quick Tip, for those using Sony's Vegas line of products for editing. I was working in a recently-upgraded-to Movie Studio 13 Platinum, enjoying the new version and trying the FXHOME HitFilm Effects plug-ins that come with it. Then, the plug-in effects seemed to stop working today - they didn't show the effects in the Preview at all when I re-opened the Project. I could open the Settings Panel for the plug-ins and change them, but could not 'see' the HitFilm effects. I made a few recent changes to my System, one of them being upgrading my NVIDIA GPU drivers. So, I rolled them back, installing an older version (going back to 332.21 - a version I chose so that I could also use CUDA for Rendering, among other things) and boom - the Hitfilm effects were back the future ...with a vengeance ok I'll stop. So, if anyone else runs into this problem with these HitFilm Effects and Vegas [it may help no matter what Edition you have installed], try rolling back the GPU drivers.

[N.B.: This issue was encountered and solved on my NVIDIA GPU,
it is unknown by myself, at this time, whether this issue exists with AMD/ATi GPUs]

Have fun editing your gameplay adventures - and See You In The Games!