Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Battlefield 3 - A Fan Created Video Montage - Munenushi Discovers C4 (in HD)

Some versions of the 1812 Overture have guns, some have cannons - this one has explosions.

I have played the Battlefield series since it's inception and I have always loved C4 and how the game handles it. Someone in BF2 called when you load a vehicle up and ghost ride it into the enemy 'Jihad Jeeps' and someone else called them 'Kamikaze Karz' and the other team usually calls them 'A Cheap Trick'. In any case, I have had tons of fun 'blowing things up good', whether it's chasing enemies down with a vehicle, running up behind them and planting some directly on their tank/plane/etc, or dropping a few down and laying in wait like some crazed-soldier-ninja-but-not-really -  it's all a compliment towards a great aspect in the game that DICE has developed and the associated physics in their game engines.
I wanted to share some of these explosions from BF3 with you (to the tune of The Year 1812 Festival Overture in E flat major Op. 49 Finale, by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) so I put together this short montage.

For friends around the world:
1812年序曲の一部のバージョンでは、銃を持っている、いくつかの大砲を持っている - この1つは爆発しています。 楽しむ
Für Freunde auf der ganzen Welt
Einige Versionen der 1812 Overture haben Gewehre, einige Kanonen - dieser hat Explosionen. Genießen
1812序曲的一些版本有槍,有炮 - 這其中有爆炸。 享受
للأصدقاء في مختلف أنحاء العالم
 الإصدارات من مقدمة 1812 ديهم اسلحة وبعض المدافع لها - هذا واحد والانفجارات. استمتع
दुनिया भर के दोस्तों के लिए
1812 ओवरचर के कुछ संस्करणों बंदूकें हैं, कुछ तोपों है - यह एक विस्फोट है.  
आनंद लें 
Pour les amis du monde entier Jouir  
Certaines versions de l'Ouverture 1812 ont des fusils, certains ont des canons - celui-ci a des explosions.
Для друзей по всему миру 
Некоторые версии 1812 Overture есть оружие, у некоторых есть пушки - это одно имеет взрывов.  

YouChoob seems to have recompressed it and it lost a lot of quality... will look into that sometime.
Also, Public Domain music gets flagged and requires advertisements?

Regardless, here it is:
The Game Tips And More Blog Presents
A Battlefield 3 Fan Created Video Montage
Munenushi Discovers C4 or: How To Explode Your Way To The Next Rank With Composition C

Enjoy and See you in there!