Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Game Tip - Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Changing The Game Display Resolution

Just a quick tip for Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (and any Expansions you may have installed): To change the resolution to match your monitor's native rez or to bump it up higher, simply edit the Options.TXT file found at

Computer > [WindowsDrive] Disk C > Users > [UserName] > AppData > Roaming > Atari >RCT3

(See the screenshot just below, my 'username' was "Tr")
The location of the Options text file that allows you to edit the resolution the game will run in (Windows7)

Another way to get to this location in Windows is:
  1. Click on the Start button, then click on Run [or press 'WindowsKey+R']
  2. In the command box that comes up, type "%appdata%" (without the quotation marks) and it will open Windows Explorer at the folder >Roaming - then all you need to do is navigate into the Atari folder, then within that, the RCT3 folder - and you will be at the same location as the above, where the Options.txt file can be found
Note that you may have to show Hidden Files in Windows in order to see some of the folders (such as AppData). To do this:
  • In Windows Explorer, click on the Tools pulldown menu and select Folder Options.
  • In the Folder Options window, click on the View tab
  • In here, under the Advanced Settings section, where it says 'Hidden files and folders', select the 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives' Radio Button
  • Also, take out the checkmarks for the next 3 'Hide' selections (Hide empty drives, Hide extensions and Hide protected files)

Here's what the checkboxes, etc look like:

After the steps above, you should be able to now navigate to the RCT3 folder that has the Options.txt file with the resolution setting inside (open it with Notepad or your favorite text editor). You'll see the setting near the beginning of the file. Simply change those numbers to the resolution you wish to use - that's all.

Have fun and See You In The Game!