Thursday, December 06, 2012

Planetside 2 - Video Tutorial: How To Attack and Defend a Facility - Amp Station (Subtitled) [Long Version]

In this Tutorial focused on New Players to Planetside 2, I present concepts to attacking and defending a large facility with multiple objectives, such as:
  • capture points
  • shields
  • generators
  • spawn rooms
  • terminals
and more...

In the video below, I am playing the Engineer CLASS, on the Terran Republic FACTION. I start out covering basic actions such as choosing your CLASS, EQUIPMENT and DEPLOYMENT into battle. I CAPITALIZE full words that are either important structures and names to remember, or are important concepts to learn for battle.

Upon arrival at a large base, I show how to use your HUD (Head Up Display) to locate OBJECTIVES, what icons on the screen represent, where things are and how to locate different areas and aspects of a shielded base.

Although I arrive at and successfully attack and defend an Amp Station, many of the concepts presented in the tutorial will carry over to battles at other large facilities, such as Biological Labs and Technological Plants.
[A separate tutorial for a Bio Lab can be found here:

With subtitles over this 'one take' battle that stretched on 'overnight', I go over some concepts a few times, just to make sure they set in for New Recruits.
I do say less and less over time however and hopefully by the end, you will know exactly why I am looking where I am looking, going where I am going and doing what I am doing - and you will know how to do it all too...

Enjoy and See You In the Game!