Friday, July 20, 2012

Hitman: Blood Money - Requiem Done In Under 26 Minutes (Video)

Warming up for the fifth installment in the Hitman series, I decided to boot up some Hitman: Blood Money. I tried to complete the game on the Pro difficulty setting, something I didn't do when I first bought the game. It wasn't too bad actually. After getting used to the controls again, I wished I was recording when some great moments happened while playing through the game (of course), but everything was going pretty smoothly considering I hadn't played in a while - until  'that level', the hidden-but-not-really bonus stage named Requiem (the 12th 'mission' in the game).

* YARR HERE THERE BE SPOILERS *  [Jump to the video to avoid them]

For those that don't know, when Agent 47 is considered dead, you can actually continue playing him by moving/pressing buttons and shoot your way out of your own funeral - and who wouldn't want to do that? Isn't that nearly the purpose of a 'wake' anyway? Then you just shoot your way out of there. Or, if you are playing on Pro difficulty, you get shot and die and restart and then die and then restart and die and then restart and try again. Apparently, some people are still trying to pass this level to this day.

Going in knowing only two things: that you can take the priest as a hostage/shield and there is some sort of weapon or item in the corner, I managed to complete the stage in less than 26 Minutes. Booyah! (hmm I don't think people say that anymore)..

Unedited, One-Take Recorded with Bandicam
- complete video compressed to ~5Mbps for smaller upload size
Game: Hitman: Blood Money, Steam Release (v.1.2)
- 'Secret'/Bonus Stage, Requiem (Mission 12)
Gameplay Time: ~26mins.
- recording resolution 1280x720, while playing at 1920x1080
- logo watermark (our GTAM logo), embeds a little bigger when recording at 720p
- might try out annotations on YouTube for the attempts

See you in the games!


  1. big was the file?

  2. Anonymous said...
    " big was the file?"
    The original output from Bandicam was about 4GB if I remember correctly, which I compressed down to less than 1 gig for a smaller upload to YT while keeping viewable quality. If you are making a longer recording, remember that it will vary though, based on how much movement/colors there are. More complex/varying scenes will take more space, just like a complex JPG image is a bigger filesize than a simpler one (and the MJPG codec is basically a sequence of compressed JPGs).

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