Monday, July 30, 2012

Battlefield 3 - C4 Multikill in Metro - 9 kills, Over 1000 Points (HD)

Munenushi and his C4.. this time in Metro. If you are on the receiving end, we apologize ahead of time. This was done on a live server with random/unknown players. We're not sure if it's the biggest live/real/unplanned/legitimate C4 multikill so we're not going to say that, but if you are a fan of C4 in the Battlefield Series, enjoy:

- Recorded with Bandicam (For Edit Preset, Q70) at 1080p
- Music/BackingTrack by Munenushi
- Video Production and Editing by IFX (Media.ifx)

See you in the games!


  1. Bandicam sure is a great video recorder for games and such. I wonder if Fraps is as versatile as Bandicam? Hmmm...

    Perth Video Production

  2. Julie said...
    "..I wonder if Fraps is as versatile as Bandicam? Hmmm.."
    It seems FRAPS is not as versatile, unfortunately. I do a review/testing of Fraps vs Dxtory vs Bandicam here: