Monday, June 26, 2017

Quick Tip: Fallout 4 - Playing Making You Dizzy? Try adjusting the Field Of View [Tutorial with Explanation]

[Currently, this post is in Text-Only Mode, to speed up the ability to publish it. 
I will add some Screenshots and a Video/GIF 'tutorial' for it, sharing it on Twitter after that...Soon™]

I'm having a lot of fun playing Fallout 4 lately - and like many other people (if perusing game forums is any indication), this game is one of a handful of games that can produce "Motion Sickness" - resulting in dizzyness or a sense of vertigo (a sense that 'the room is moving'). Although since playing Fallout 3 and Oblivion, I have gotten into the habit of changing the FOV (Field Of View) in Bethesda games when I play them, it's not just theirs that cause this issue for me, as it also occurs in many Shooters and Racing games, from Unreal Tournament to Flatout.

Before I ramble on about the mechanics of it and get into why this happens to some people in some games (it doesn't happen to everyone and not in all games), I'll give the Quick Tip of the steps on how to change the Field Of View, in Fallout 4:

  • With the game running, hit Tilde ("~", the key usually to the left of the number "1" on QWERTY keyboards), which brings up the Command Console.
  • Type "fov 90 90" (without the quotation marks) into the Console and hit Enter.
    You should see the Field Of View adjusted dynamically (updated right away in your view).
  • Hit the Tilde key again, to close the Command Console.

That's it!

Adjust the FOV range as desired - if you need it to be 'less' (and more like the original FOV), or making it 'higher' (if you want more FOV to feel better for you personally, or more to be seen on the screen at once, on purpose (for Screenshots,etc)).

Note: Be sure to type in both numbers (that is, the same number twice, with the space in-between), as they are related to how the Field Of View acts when walking/running/in-third-person/in-Armor/looking-at-the-Pip-Boy/etc (they are both needed)

The Default Field Of View in Fallout 4 seems to be about 80, as I derived from my own testing of typing in various ranges of numbers as the FOV (eg. Starting the game then typing "fov 80 80" does not move the camera view at all). I personally prefer 90-ish in Fallout 4 [I haven't quite figured out my own personal number yet], although in Fallout 3 I seemed to prefer 85 and in Oblivion and Skyrim I seem to prefer just a bit less, around 83 or so.

Another note: Although it is possible to configure FO4 to 'do these steps automatically' whenever you start the game (via the configuration of .INI files) - it is not recommended here - as not only does it not work all of the time or on all systems, it can 'break' some of the other mechanics in the game, such as how the Pip-Boy works and other things. Therefore, I personally recommend using the commands above whenever you want to play Fallout 4. [It is slightly tedious, yes; but worth it, for vomit-free gaming, no? (At least, until a better way of rendering the world is found..).]

Even though I am negatively affected by this issue, I understand the mechanics and reasoning behind why game developers choose to restrict the Field Of View; as with a lower FOV, there is less to render on the screen at one time, resulting in less system resource demand (RAM, drive retrieval of the game material, etc) and achievement of higher compatibility and performance - indeed, it is the same reasons why many games restrict even 'top-down' views in other games (not allowing you to 'see more at one time'). However, this method of viewing the world (think of making an "O" with your hand and looking through that at everything) is not only unnatural - it is 'confusing' to the human brain - thankfully not everyone is sensitive to this and many people do not suffer from this 'confusion'..

Let me try to summarize what is occurring [I am not good at 'keeping things brief', but I will try, heh]:

Normally, when you move your head, turning it to the left or right, what you see involves 'more' or 'less' of 'what is around you'. You see things you did not see before and other things that were 'in your view' disappear [although we are mostly sure they are still there, theoretically...don't get into it...don't get into it..]. The human eyes can see nearly 180-degrees around - with many people seeing slightly less or more, of course. I personally can see my hands if I hold them up to the sides (forming an "L" with my arms), looking straight ahead, but I have practiced utilizing my peripheral vision growing up (the 'area of what you see around what you are looking at'). Most people cannot quite see that far around their head at one time while looking straight ahead, but many can. Many people can even see more than that, at one time, as well.

The difference when playing games is, the view of what can be 'seen at one time' is not the only thing that is altered; it is also the turning 'point' in space.

When we move the mouse (or joystick for Console gamers) the viewpoint in the game moves, showing us things to the left or right, for example. However, the turning point in a game (where 'the head would be') is not where our head actually is in real life; the turning or rotating point in the game is usually where the surface of the screen we are watching is, and sometimes it is farther back or farther forward [but it still differs 'from where our head actually is in reality'].

What this results in, is a confusion between the brain and eyes, which are used to "seeing the world rotate around from the point between our shoulders", as it is now "seeing the world rotate around from a point in front of us (wherever the screen of the game we are playing is)". It is like sitting in a carnival ride (or "a ride at Fun Fair", as Nico Bellic would probably say) - where we are spun around just for fun but we are not actually turning our heads around all the time, it is the world around us that is rotating, not us - which is also why many people experience dizzyness and nausea from carnival rides, as well. It is our brain trying to figure out 'why things are moving but we aren't moving our heads' - and the result is our brain basically saying, "Hey! Something's wrong! Things are moving but we aren't using our neck muscles to do it! ALERT! ALERT!" and we 'get dizzy' (and some people throw up..).

So, like carnival rides, games have our view 'moving around' (things are going in and out of our Field Of View - what we see) without us using our neck muscles to move our own heads. For many people (but of course, not all), this difference in what-is-happening-in-the-game-versus-real-life results then, in the dizzyness, nausea, vertigo, barfing and many other symptoms of 'Gaming Sickness' (if that can be a thing) [some people may even 'just get crabby and not know why'; this is also a symptom].

Sadly, there is no real 'cure' for this... Many have experimented I'm sure, like I have, of just 'powering through it' - trying to 'train the brain' to accept the new way of seeing the world move around us - and of course failing (the brain is very good at not being 'tricked'..). The only way that we have, as gamers who suffer from this - for now - is to adjust the Field Of View in games to try to lessen this effect of how we experience the two worlds colliding (the game world and the real world). [I have not tried much VR, other than in the 80s when it was 'new' and at Mall demonstrations here and there since then; but perhaps this is another way we, as gamers, can have less of an issue with 'Gaming Motion Sickness', in the future]

I hope then, that this little tip has at least opened the door to help those experiencing the issue of 'getting dizzy in Fallout 4' - remember, you may have to adjust the FOV value to your own personal liking... If you played with a high Field Of View in Quake 3 days, you might like a little more in Fallout, like 110 or even higher. If you aren't affected by this much at all, you might like only a little change in the setting, maybe about 82 or 83 (and you have my admiration at not being affected as much!). Whatever your need is, I hope this Tip helps you find something that is comfortable for you, dear reader - letting you continue to have fun in Fallout 4!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Quick Tip: Fallout 4 - TAB Key Stopped Working And Not Bringing Up The Pip-Boy? Here's A Possible Fix [Text-Only]

I have been having a ton of fun playing Fallout 4 lately [again, building up my Settlements too much and ignoring the Main Storyline!] and ran into a 'small-but-game-stopping' issue where the TAB key appeared to stop working. Hitting TAB wasn't bringing up the Pip-Boy anymore..?

After doing some Troubleshooting and paying attention to what I was doing and pressing, it turned out to be a very simple issue - the TAB key was 'locked' out because of how I had used it in the Console.. Let me explain briefly:

I was playing around with SweetFX in ReShade once again, mainly to take Screenshots as I had lost a ton during a recent Hard Drive failure [as in thousands.. I know... but I don't usually back up screenshots or recordings]. To open the Settings/Configuration for ReShade, the hotkey combination is SHIFT+F2. Unfortunately, something in this combination of Fallout/ReShade/Windows 'locks out' the Shift Key after doing this with the Console open in FO4, and when hitting Tilde again to close the Console, this leaves TAB 'disabled' and it no longer brings up the Pip-Boy. [This can also happen with the ENB series of utilities, which use SHIFT+ENTER to open and close the interface]

The Fix for this was simple, once I figured it out: hit Tilde again to open up the Command Console, then hit SHIFT once, then hit Tilde again to close the Command Console. That's all there is to it.
Now the TAB key worked and I could bring up the all-important-and-totally-cool Pip-Boy once again. This is just a Quick Tip in Text-Mode only then, but I wanted to get it typed up and posted so that it could start to help out others that have run into this little problem [that seems to occur especially if running ReShade or ENB, in Fallout 4]. HTH

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's Not Just You™ - Fallout 4 Crashing with NVIDIA's SHARE Game Recorder (Possibly Relating To The High Resolution Texture Pack) [Notification, Text-Only]

Updated 2017-06-19: I found one cause of the crashes with SHARE and Fallout 4 (for me) - The HRTP

Just a quick post to say that, if you are experiencing Fallout 4 CTDs (Crashes To Desktop, where FO4 closes without any messages or anything and you are left staring at your Desktop in Windows), I want to let you know It's Not Just You™ - as I am finding I am experiencing this as well, lately...

I haven't looked into Forums specifically for this, but perusing Forii off and on over the past year or so, where many are talking about Fallout 4 and Crashing, it seems to happen a lot to people anyway, unfortunately. I myself wasn't experiencing this very much, gladly, until just recently when playing FO4 again (and spending way too much time building up Settlements instead of getting Quests done), I was testing out different Game Recording Programs and started seeing this happen.

I'm happily playing Fallout 4, getting frustrated at the Building mechanics or shooting some Raiders attacking my Settlement, when all of a sudden, BOOM - desktop image and icons. No message, nothing. Fallout 4 has closed itself instantly. I of course start it up again and begin to see where I last hit QuickSave or the game automatically Saved for me - but this has happened a few times in a row now where BOOM - the desktop greets me and icons appear. No message, nothing.

So, I tried to pay attention to what I was doing or what was running as Background Tasks - and the one thing I found, that when I changed it, the crashes stopped happening?.. I was recording with SHARE, NVIDIA's new version of ShadowPlay, their game recorder that is included with their Graphics Driver. Interesting. I have up 'till now had no issues with SHARE, enjoyed testing it out, taking Screenshots with it and testing out the various Quality settings and forgetting about all of those tests and never writing about it. It seems to have great performance (very small performance 'hit'/effect) and has a decent amount of options/features.

I then tried some other game recording programs I have purchased over the years, Playclaw, Bandicam, Mirillis' ACTION, and none of them had any Crashing occur while I was using them (although Fallout 4 didn't seem to like to start up with Bandicam running sometimes [but when I started the game first then Bandicam, it recorded fine]). Hmph. That's too bad, I was liking SHARE. There could of course be a myriad of things that could be causing this (I have sometimes run into the game not starting up, with a black screen then shutting itself down again/closing, no matter what game recorder I am using - and again, there are people with high-end Intel CPUs and NVIDIA 1080's with CTDs...); but for me, it seems to be SHARE, at this time. I might go and mention this in the Official NVIDIA Forum, if noone else has recently. Perhaps this is just a temporary issue in this game and their Drivers, in this version.

I am running NVIDIA GPU Driver Version 382.53 in Windows 10 64-bit, on a GTX 1060 3GB GPU, as of the date of this post.

I know this was a Text-Only post, but I took this screenie of the Driver
Version (so I would remember it) and didn't want to waste it

I mention all of this because, I was not really experiencing any Crashes-To-Desktop with Fallout 4 prior to thinking of testing out SHARE for a while, just a bit ago. I am Level 42 in the game, after 'starting out a second time' and enjoying playing again, taking notes and screenshots for some future posts on it, while I slowly build and shoot my way through The Commonwealth... Where was I? Oh yeah, the crashes. It's sad, but I want others to not feel alone. If you are experiencing Fallout 4 closing without any error messages recently, and you have an NVIDIA GPU, just letting you know - It's Not Just You™...

Update 2017-06-19:
I did some more testing and found that I was able to use NVIDIA's SHARE to record with, for quite a long time (hours), when I disabled/uninstalled the High Resolution Texture Pack DLC.
I am not sure if this is the only related aspect to it (as CTDs happen for even GTX 1080 users and higher capability systems than mine and it happens to those not using the HRTP), but for now, it seems that this issue may be directly related to that [for me] as it crashes far more often than without running the HRTP - and I have no crashes when recording with other Game Recorders and The High Resolution Texture Pack...

Is it that the HRTP is 'too much' for my little 1060 with only 3GB of VRAM and SHARE together? 
Is it related to how the game then uses more RAM (I have 16GB of RAM installed) with the HRTP and possibly a symptom of some RAM issues, perhaps?
I'm not sure of a solution yet, so I cannot say - but if you are experiencing this problem of 'Crashing while recording Fallout 4 with SHARE', try disabling the High Resolution Texture Pack for FO4 - it worked for me, just now. (Alternatively, use a different Game Recorder for the time being..). HTH

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Deals And Sales:'s 2017 Summer Sale Is On Now [Notification]

Just a notification that (formerly Good Old Games) has started their Summer Sale for the year, offering up to a crazy 90% OFF some games from their sizeable DRM-free collection [install on as many machines as there are in your household]. Here are a few Deals that I personally am thinking of getting:

Also, with any purchase this during this Summer Sale, you will get the game "Rebel Galaxy" for FREE, as in FREE. Note that you may have to wait a little bit to get it though, due to the popularity of the Sale... I personally did not receive it right away and I emailed Support [a great bunch of people] and they had to send me a Code to Redeem for it - apparently there is an error occurring where some people are not receiving their Free Game with their purchase - if this happens, just shoot their Support a query about it and they'll look into it. It might require, like me, that they simply e-mail you a Code/Link to use to get it. It's all good!

Below is an example of their Summer Sale front page (US Prices [via Proxy because I live in Canada, eh]):

An Example of's Summer Sale 2017 Prices (USD)

Go and get some games at before it's over and have some fun! GOGOGO

[Note: I am not affiliated with or Good Old Games, and have not and will not receive any compensation for mentioning them here. I am merely an enthusiastic gamer and fellow customer at GOG and wanted to share Deals that I find with other gamers like me.]